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Working Papers

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No. 231 - 2017-09
: Brazilian companies going global
No. 230 - 2017-08
Gábor Túry: Different interpretations of the automotive industry and its role in three semi-peripheral regions of the EU
No. 229 - 2017-05
Andrea Éltető, Katalin Antalóczy: FDI promotion of the Visegrád countries in the era of global value chains
No. 228 - 2017-05
Andrea Éltető: Export as a form of SME-internationalisation after the crisis – experiences of three European regions
No. 227 - 2017-05
Judit Ricz: New developmentalist experiments in Brazil and Egypt - a comparative study
No. 226 - 2016-11
Miklós Szanyi: From party state capture to party business capture Model feature of Visegrád countries?
No. 225 - 2016-09
Udvari Beáta : The Aid for Trade initiative and the export performance of the Iberian EU-countries
No. 224 - 2016-09
Andrea Éltető, Katalin Antalóczy: Post-crisis foreign trade trends and policies on the periphery of the European Union – comparison of the Iberian, Baltic and Central European region
No. 223 - 2016-09
Judit Ricz: Developmental states in the 21st century: Analytical structure of a new approach
No. 222. - 2016-08
Miklós Szanyi: The emergence of patronage state in Central Europe - The case of FDI-related policies in Hungary
No. 221 - 2016-02
Csaba Weiner: Central and East European Diversification under New Gas Market Conditions
No. 220 - 2016-02
Miklós Szanyi: The FDI-led development model revisited? The case of Hungary

No. 219 - 2016-01
Andrea Szalavetz: Post‐crisis developments in global value chains - example of foreign investors’ Hungarian subsidiaries
No. 218 - 2015-11
Tamás Szigetvári, Ágota Dávid: Scientific cooperation between the European Union and Turkey – advantages and possible synergies
No. 217 - 2015-11
Andrea Éltető, Gábor Túry, Andrea Szalavetz, Anikó Magasházi: Upgrading of Hungarian subsidiaries in machinery and automotive global value chains
No. 216 - 2015-10
Annamária Artner: Capital, labour, democracy and the end of capitalism
No. 215 - 2015-10
Judit Ricz: Towards a new model of state-led development in Brazil (?)
No. 214 - 2015-08
Andrea Éltető, Ágnes Szunomár: Ties of Visegrád countries with East Asia – trade and investment
No. 213 - 2015-07
Zsuzsánna Biedermann: Rwanda: developmental success story in a unique setting
No. 212 - 2015-03
Tamás Novák:
Innovative finance for development – Instruments of social integration and responsibility in lower-middle-income countries (LMICs)

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